Wittdorf Brewery

Craft beer brewery in Neumünster

“All the steps from the recipe idea and to the finished beer in your own hands.”

That was the dream of Torsten Behrend and Henning Freese when they started building the Wittorf Brewery on the site of an old cloth factory in Neumünster Wittorf in spring 2017.

Red brick, great location and ample space for a beer garden. The ideal location for a small brewery. Thus, in addition to the brewing equipment, the brewery bar, of course, there are beers to take away.

Since the beginning of 2018, they have been brewing a variety of different beer styles from Pilsner to New England India Pale Ale. They are particularly interested in the brewing history of the city of Neumünster and the old Hinselmann Brewery, which supplied the workers of the cloth and leather factories with delicious beer until 1922. They reinterpret the old recipe ideas in their own way. Torsten & Henning brew the beer their customers are in the mood for – the main thing is that it tastes good!

“I think the Wittorf beer, with its malt body and subtle bitter notes, pairs perfectly with my sourdough bread in the menu at the big oak table.” – Robert Stolz

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Coffee roastery in Hamburg

At elbgold, everything starts with a handshake.

Whether in the stores in Hamburg or with a handshake 6000 km away. In countries like Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia or India. This is where elbgold’s coffee producers live & work. They all have something in common: the flair to produce the best coffees in the world!

In the roastery in the Schanze, they then bring the traditional craft into the modern present. With the roasters’ experience and the latest technology, they can roast each coffee individually so that its unique history and variety of flavors end up in the cup. Whether for the Japanese hand filter V60, the Aeropress or the classic portafilter.

“Knowing where the coffee beans come from. Knowing the producers and their teams personally, buying directly and maintaining close contact with them. Roasting and selling the coffee in Hamburg – everything fair, sustainable and transparent!” – Philosophy of Annika and Thomas, the two owners of elbgold.

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Alte Schlossgärtnerei

Nursery in Plön

The “Alte Schlossgärtnerei” is located below Plön Castle, close to the Prinzenhaus. When you enter the “Alte Schlossgärtnerei”, you enter an enchanted garden, a place of power with a very special gardener!

Dorit Dahmke cultivates many herbs and vegetable specialities in her market garden, which she offers in pots or in her market hall, freshly harvested. For example, coriander, basil varieties, various thyme varieties or lemongrass and much more.

Besides the classics, Dorit also specialises in historical varieties of tomatoes and unknown herbs. All guests can have a look at these treasures in the display beds. During a guided tour of the garden, visitors learn some interesting background about the plants.

Over the years, Dorit Dahmke’s “Alte Schlossgärtnerei” has become one of the favourite places of many people in Plön and visitors.

“I have had a close friendship with Dorit for many years. Here I always find true treasures and specialities. For example, Cretan marjoram, rue or extra beetroot with sorrel, which I always like to use for the menu.” – Robert Stolz

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Bio-Hofschlachterei Muhs

Organic meat & sausages in Krummbek

A real thought leader when it comes to meat!

Sausage has been traditionally produced here for almost 100 years. Master butcher Rainer Muhs and his daughter Jana process the organic meat from their own animals with special care to produce a wide range of fresh meat products and around 40 types of sausage.

“In harmony with nature”

This motto is noticeable in all areas of work. Everything is subject to strictly controlled organic guidelines. Animal welfare is also close to the hearts of the entire Muhs family. Here the animals grow up healthy in exemplary husbandry. In the end, this also includes the short transport routes for the animals.

“I appreciate the quality of the pork and beef from Jana & Rainer. The animals have grown slowly and received the best feed. Perfect!” – Robert Stolz

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Senf Pauli

Mustard Manufactory in Hamburg

The Mustard Pauli manufactory was founded in Hamburg in 2008 by Eva Osterholz. As an autodidact, Eva dived spontaneously into the Senfuniverse. What was once a hobby has become a well-known manufactory with a wide range of products that supplies delicatessens and upscale restaurants throughout Germany.

Pauli mustard is gently cold-ground on a stone mill to preserve the valuable mustard oils. The mustard seeds come directly from the farmer in northern Germany. Mixing differently spicy mustard seeds determines the spiciness of the mustard varieties. At Senf Pauli, the type of vinegar is also matched to the respective mustard variety. Each mustard variety thus receives its individual aroma, which is elaborately refined with ingredients such as raspberries, figs or garlic. During a maturing period of several weeks, the full flavour unfolds, then it is bottled and labelled by hand.

The Mustard Pauli sauces are made on the basis of fruity tomato sauces. They are gently heated and mixed in a kettle with a little sugar and some dried fruit. Pauli mustard does not contain any artificial additives!

“For me, Mustard Pauli is handmade, high-quality ingredients with an excellent taste!
A variety of creative mustards with special names such as ‘Murder in the Orient’, ‘Crispy Pixie’, ‘Bienen und Blomen’ or ‘Zappenduster’.” – Robert Stolz

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Cheese dairy Hof Berg

Farm Dairy in Dannau

The Teschemacher family has been farming their farm in Dannau organically since 1979. This makes the Berg farm the oldest organic farm in Schleswig-Holstein.

The farm is located in the heart of Holstein Switzerland, surrounded by rolling hills, small lakes and numerous field hedges. Here, on 150 hectares of land, the lush grass grows with the many herbs for the farm’s 70 cows. Their milk is used to make the cheese from the Berg farm.

Today, the Teschemacher family is responsible for farming and caring for the cattle. The Kohler family directs the cheese dairy. Besides quark and yoghurt, there is a whole range of cheese specialities.

Well known is the Kuhrella and the Kam’n Bär, the Hofkäse, the Goudi & the Bergkäse. René Kohler likes to use natural rennet and relies entirely on slow ripening of his cheeses.

“I really appreciate the ingredients from Hof Berg Käserei. They give my dishes the necessary depth, intensity and clarity. From the May milk, René makes a few mountain cheeses every year especially for eat.share.live, some of which I let mature for up to 2 years. Unique in the north.” — Robert Stolz

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Spiritus Rex Malente

Fine distillates in Rachut

With a small, very fine range of distillates, Matthias Sievert from Malente-Rachut has been delighting the entire professional world since 2020!

He manages to capture nature in the bottle like hardly anyone else. For this purpose, he uses only hand-picked raw materials and selects the fruit meticulously, without any compromise. With his two stills from the coppersmith A.Holstein from Lake Constance, Matthias now has the perfect stage for his distillates.

Matthias has found his own style. It is angular and edgy, yet so pure, clear and unique that demand is now growing rapidly!

“I think there are great things growing up there and I look forward to everything that comes out of his distillery! My favourites are the tangerine brandy, the sour cherry brandy, the wild raspberry brandy and of course the egg liqueur.
Spiritus Rex, simply authentic for me.” – Robert Stolz

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Interior fittings & furnishings Lange

Furniture manufacture in Kelkheim

“The table is the star! This time I am looking at my concept from a different perspective. I want to put the spotlight on the background. I want to look at the interior and design concept of this house. And on the essentials: The big oak table!

It is what we feel first when we enter the house, something that subtly welcomes all guests and makes them feel at ease.

A design concept made to measure, tailored to the purist philosophy and personality of my kitchen. Clean lines, solid oak, and soft earthy tones that seamlessly blend kitchen and dining room with garden and nature.

A stage for my dishes and tastes, just waiting to punctuate and celebrate the next course with spectacular modesty.
Tables, chairs, light, the whole concept of the house together form the place of action where our conversations, food, cooking and lust for life find a focal point.” – Robert Stolz

Tobias Duckhorn and his team supported me with my design concept. He developed my ideas further with me and implemented them wonderfully with his workshop team. Thank you very much!

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Altes Gewürzamt

Spice manufactory in Klingenberg

A spice manufactory with heart and hand!
In the 1990s, Ingo Holland was on the lookout for unusual spices. He toured the spice markets in Paris and Mumbai and found outstanding spice qualities. Many of his cooking colleagues snatched the spices he ground from his hand.

The birth of the Altes Gewürzamt, 2001.

Roasting, blending, grinding and bottling take place in the manufactory in Klingenberg. Son Kilian and father Ingo Holland’s spices are recognisable by their green spice jars.

“I also use the spices from the Old Spice Office in my dishes. My favourite spices include Mumbai Curry, Raz el Hanout, Tandoori Masala, African Barbecue Spice & Cajun Spice.” – Robert Stolz

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Alfred Urthel Crab & Fish Delicacies

in Friedrichskoog

Alfred Urthel is one of the last two free crab fishermen with his own vessels on the North Sea. Free in the sense that he markets his crabs, fish and smoked fish himself. So he stands with his cart several times a week at various weekly markets all over northern Germany.

In the meantime, many top restaurants belong to Alfred Urthels customers. His North Sea crabs, freshly caught in Friedrichskoog, are legendary.

Anyone who would like to take a look behind the scenes at the Alfred Urthel Fishery is cordially invited to do so. Afterwards, you can dine with relish in the in-house fish restaurant with its maritime ambience.

“I also like to order fresh fish and crabs from Alfred Urthel for my menus at the big oak table. Buttery soft, the crabs are of such wonderfully fresh quality.” – Robert Stolz

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Fishery Lasner

Fishing in Ascheberg

Freshly caught fish directly from the Great Plön Lake. Rüdiger Lasner runs one of the oldest fisheries in Schleswig-Holstein with his family business.

This little paradise is located on the outskirts of Ascheberg in Holstein. Here, all guests can watch the fishermen at work and enjoy cold or warm fish dishes at the rustic tables directly on the shore of the Großer Plöner See.

After salting, the fish is smoked here in traditional Altona ovens over local alder wood. Rüdiger Lasner and his team have mastered this craft in world-class style.

“Rüdiger Lasner supplies me with zander, whitefish, perch and pike for my menus. I really appreciate his top quality. His fish are an integral part of my cuisine. A fingerprint of Holstein Switzerland.” – Robert Stolz

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Food-Scout Bernd Sautter-Gädeke

Selected vegetables, herbs & fruit from the North

“Always on the lookout for the unusual.”

Bernd Sautter-Gädeke knows the latest trends and therefore seeks out the best ingredients from (Northern) Germany and Europe for ambitious chefs.

Whether vegetables from Schleswig-Holstein, meat from Spain, or wild herbs from meadows & forests. Bernd Sauter- Gädeke finds and procures exciting ingredients. Ingredients that are often no longer marketed in the “standardised” world. ingredients, but with an incomparable taste.

“I have a long partnership with Bernd. I exchange ideas with him and talk shop about the special features of herbs and vegetables. If you are looking for something special with high quality, it’s best to ask Bernd!” – Robert Stolz

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Keramik Eva Koj

Ceramics from Mielkendorf

“Eva, go to the beach on the Baltic Sea and look at the sea. The waves, the beach, the seaweed, the spray and the dunes. Try to make a tableware for me out of this ‘Nordic feeling’.” – Robert Stolz

That was the beginning of a wonderful collaboration and friendship between ceramist Eva Koj and chef Robert Stolz. It took a few months for the idea to become a series of plates, bowls and vases. Today they are the figurehead of eat.share.live at the big oak table in Plön. Here, Robert’s food and Eva’s dishes enter into a perfect symbiosis.

Eva Koj’s ceramics are created on the wheel. It turns coarse fireclay masses out to a wafer-thin thickness at the edges. The transparent, grey-green celadon glazes give the vessels a lightness and a glassy character. Distinctive!

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Porcelain Design Roswitha Winde-Pauls

Porcelain from the Wotersen Estate

“Porcelain as a material is not distracting, it allows an undisturbed concentration on clear, simple forms, on lines and on structure.” – Roswitha Winde-Pauls

Der feine weiße, durchscheinende Scherben des Porzellans, mit dem Roswitha Winde-Pauls arbeitet, bietet ihr eine helle und neutrale Basis. On this, light and shadow can play with each other, especially when they fall on differently structured surfaces.

By incorporating light or blackened silver threads, these delicately shining lines look like fine drawings.

When working with celadon glazes, she achieves that the light body of the porcelain releases the finest nuances of colour. Likewise, the luminosity of the glazes is wonderfully enhanced.

“Roswitha makes white porcelain with a reduced formal language. But always very aesthetic. I appreciate her expressiveness. My dishes look noble and clear on her crockery.” – Robert Stolz

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Juliane Eller

Weingut Eller in Alsheim, Rheinhessen

Juliane Eller keltert trockene Qualitätsweine aus Rheinhessen, die in unterschiedlichen Lagen am Rhein heran reifen. Durch den Schliff im Weinkeller, entstehen daraus echte JUWELE.

„Ich möchte Unikate produzieren, denn nur diese sind unverwechselbar in Art und Charakter!“

Das Weingut der Familie Eller mit der jungen Chefin Juliane ist meine Entdeckung des Jahres 2022.
Ich finde ihre Weine ausdrucksstark, mineralisch und von einer betörenden Frucht.
Sehr gerne setze ich diese Weine als Begleiter in meinem Menü ein. Sie passen hervorragend zu meinem nordischen Stil. Freut euch hier am großen Eichentisch auf Riesling, Weißburgunder und Alsheimer Spätburgunder oder prikelnden Rieslingsaft Oh My Grape.

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Christian Kerber Photographie

Photographer in Hamburg

“I met Christian Kerber at a shoot for Gruner & Jahr here in Plön. Sometimes everything just fits together. This is also the case between us.

Christian and I are two professionals who harmonised very well together from the very beginning. We complement each other perfectly in the photo shoots. Everyone is meticulous in their craft. The result is our common style of recordings for eat.share.live.

Privately, too, everything fits together. A joint work has developed into a friendship.

In addition to food photography for gourmets,Christian Kerber’s portfolio also includes the topics of people, travel and interior lifestyle.

I always book him when there’s something exciting to capture here in my kitchen, or garden!”

— Robert Stolz

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Angelika & Kilian Franzen

Weingut Franzen in Bremm an der Mosel

Passion & Award-winning wines!

Sometimes life has other plans. This was also the case for Kilian and Angelina Franzen when, through tragic circumstances, they took over their father’s vineyard in their early 20s.
With a lot of passion, family cohesion and the necessary passion, the two have continued the family winery.

The Franzen family has been growing grapes in Bremm on the Moselle for several generations.

On the steepest vineyard in Europe, the Bremmer Calmont, the vines grow for award-winning wines. The focus is on dry, low-acid wines. Kilian and Angelina Franzen mainly grow Riesling in the vineyards on the Bremmer Calmont, the Neefer Frauenberg and Kloster Stoben. Blue and white Burgundy as well as Elbling complete the wine assortment.

The wines have been awarded again by Gault & Millau and Vinum Weinguide 2020. In 2018 they were the Falstaff Newcomers of the Year.

I like to serve Franzen Rieslings, because the acidity/fruit balance of the wine goes very well with my flavours.

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