• I will open the door for you one by one so that each group comes in separately. Unfortunately without a handshake, but with full heart and joy to see you!
  • After disinfecting your hands, you take your seats directly at the large oak tables and enjoy your aperitif there.
  • Upon entering, please have all guests wear a mouth/nose guard, which you may remove at the table once seated. Our team also wears mouthguards, behind which, of course, "hides" our warm smiles.
  • The snack in the kitchen will take place at a distance in front of the kitchen in the coming period (please also have a mouth guard ready for this).
  • It may have changed externally. But in my heart I am so full of joy that you are there and I can cook for you again. I cheer every day!

If you have any questions about the details of the hygiene plan, feel free to call me!