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Erlebnis im privaten Esszimmer – eat.share.live

From excellent chef to culinary free spirit and friendly host

Robert Stolz has experienced almost everything and has had a remarkable career:
Learn from great chefs all over Germany – from Chiemgau to Sylt. His first restaurant on the Baltic Sea. The first Michelin star in 1997 and his equally decorated restaurant Stolz, 12 years on Plön’s market square, where many German and Scandinavian star chefs were not only guests but also guest chefs. A creative time-out. His job as head chef in a well-known grand hotel in Hamburg.

Robert Stolz has been back in Plön since autumn 2018. Firmly anchored in his house with restaurant on Lake Plön and with a clear vision of pure cuisine and inviting hospitality in a private ambience. At the same time, he has always remained authentic and approachable, honest and genuine. Someone you would like to count among your friends, even if it’s just for one evening. True to its gastronomic motto: eat.share.live.

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Our gift recommendation: In his private kitchen on a one-to-one basis with top chef Robert Stolz

Are you still looking for an unusual gift for family, friends or business partners and would like to combine this with new culinary delights in an almost private atmosphere? Take advantage of this highlight of experiential gastronomy at the large oak table as well as at the garden events at the fire ring with top chef Robert Stolz, and opt for a gift voucher that you can redeem with him at any time.

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